12 Days of Hope – Dec. 11-22

Day 12 // Pick a day this week to fast from technology. Be fully present.


Day 11 // If you owe someone an apology, seek them out today and say “I’m sorry”–even if it’s for something small.


Day 10 // Help put an end to Human Trafficking. Click here to learn more about upcoming events and sign up today!


Day 9 // Practice patience and kindness on the road as you drive today.


Day 8 // Deliver some Christmas treats to your neighbors.


 Day 7 // Initiate a conversation with a person experiencing homelessness.  Ask how you can pray for them.


 Day 6 // Make a list of practical ways that you can be more generous in 2015.  Acts 20:35


Day 5 // Sign up today to volunteer at a Christmas event for families on Saturday. See 2 events listed below.


Saturday, December 20th
-Christmas Party at FICM (9AM – 12:30PM) – Click here for more info and to sign up.
-Toy Distribution Day at Family Rescue Center (8:30AM – 1:30PM) – Click here for more info and to sign up.

Day 4 // Give a generous tip to someone when they least expect it.


Day 3 // Buy a toy and drop it off at one of the three HFLA Partners listed below.


1) Family Rescue Center (FRC) – Click here for more info about donating toys.
2) Claris Health – “Adopt” a family by providing for their needs (about $125). Email Nikki for details.
3) OASIS of Hollywood – $30 Target Gift Card or $25 gift for a child from 9-12 years old. Email Jessica for details.

Day 2 // Get in touch with someone who has had a positive influence in your life (a teacher, coach, youth pastor, etc). Tell them thank you and that you appreciate them.


Day 1  //   Sign up today to volunteer at a HFLA event this weekend–like the Samoshel Christmas Party tomorrow! See other opportunities below.


Friday, Dec. 12:
-Samoshel Christmas Party (7-9:30PM) – Click here for more info and to sign up!
-Wrap gifts for kids at Cloud & Fire Ministries (anytime between 11:30AM-2:30PM) – Email Lindsey for more info.

Saturday, Dec. 13:
-Craft and write cards for human trafficking workers at ReAwakenHope (10AM – 12PM)- Email info@reawakenhope.org.
-Christmas Party for kids Cloud & Fire Ministries  (1-4PM) – Click here for more info and to sing up!

What is 12 Days of Hope? Find out more here!

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