About Us


Hope for Los Angeles, a ministry of Pacific Crossroads Church, mobilizes people to serve the poor and marginalized through community organizations in Los Angeles. We hope for a Los Angeles in which all people experience spiritual, social and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ’s love.

Areas of Ministry

Hope for Los Angeles is active on many levels of community involvement (take a look at our Volunteer page or our Partners page to see a list of the specific activities and ministries which we are involved in). However, our community involvement breaks down broadly into the following four main areas:

Resources for Volunteers

For a list of resources, including Hope for LA newsletters, Bible studies on the poor, book recommendations, and upcoming conferences, click here.

Places to Go For Help

For a list of food, shelter, and other services, click here.

Contact Us

General InfoInfo@hopeforla.org

Office address:
6330 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 102
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone: 310-551-0081
Fax: 310-551-0085

If your church or organization would be interested in partnering with Hope for LA, please send us an email at Info@hopeforla.org.