Adult Recovery

Adult RecoveryJesus had a few simple rules about how to treat those who were marginalized in society: give to him who asks, heal those who have wounds and illness, accept and associate yourself with those who society rejects, and assist people holistically. This is the way that Jesus lived, and as we follow Him we seek to do the same.

The statistics in Los Angeles County are daunting. It is estimated that:

  • 250,000 persons experience homelessness for some duration each year
  • 80,000 are homeless on any given night
  • Most face problems beyond an inability to find work

But homelessness is not merely a large issue; it is also a diverse one. Homelessness is experienced by persons of every race, age and gender, and its causes are varied and complex as well – from addiction to job loss.

In light of this reality, Hope for LA does not intend to take on the issue alone, but works with partner organizations in different neighborhoods throughout our city.

Hope for LA’s approach in working with adults in need deals with the whole person.  We work to come alongside people experiencing homelessness, addiction and crisis by addressing their needs holistically – offering physical, social and spiritual support.

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Or see our Partners page to find out more about ministries that we partner with for adult recovery (such as: Samoshel, Union Rescue Mission, and PATH).

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