Family Care

Everybody longs for a perfect family. Yes, perfect families don’t exist, but we desire and work for them to get better—for dads and moms to love each other, for a job that keeps the bills current, for affordable medical care, and for a hopeful future for children.

In all traditions the family is the building block for neighborhoods, cities, societies, and nations. When families don’t do well, cities do not do well. Vibrant, healthy families make vibrant, healthy cities.

Some facts:

  • In LA, one third of the 80,000 people experiencing homelessness are families.
  • LA County needs 500,000 more units of affordable housing for very low income households.
  • Countless families are one emergency away from homelessness.

Because we love our city, the family is so key to focus on and that’s why we partner with organizations who provide temporary and long-term help to families in need.

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Or see our Partners page to find out more about ministries that we partner with for Family Care (such as: San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, Family Rescue Center, and Zahn Memorial Center).

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