Homeless Kits

It was found in 2017, that the number of people in LA experiencing homelessness increased 26% from 2016. Now, there are more than 57,000 homeless individuals in our city.* Los Angeles is facing an extreme homeless crisis – so much so, that the city declared it a state of emergency.

You can meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness by preparing homeless kits and distributing them around the city. Homeless kits have useful resources for immediate relief but also resources for ongoing physical and spiritual needs.

Equipping Resources

We put together a few videos to help equip you as you prepare and distribute these kits.

Making Your Own Kits

Here is a list of items to include in your homeless kits:

  • Pair of Fresh Socks
  • Granola Bar (or a soft snack that’s easy to chew)
  • Hygiene Items (chapstick, deodorants, anti-bacterial lotion but avoid items like mouthwash or hand sanitizer that contain alcohol)
  • A Summary of the Gospel (like Steps to Peace with God)
  • Homeless Resource Guide – Click HERE for a printable PDF
  • Optional: A gift card for coffee or a meal

Thank you for joining us to love and care for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

*At the time when this video was made, there were 45,000 people experiencing homelessness.