How to Pray for Foster Kids in LA

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There are nearly 30,000 foster children in Los Angeles. Here are some specific ways that you can pray for kids in foster care as well as for the foster care system itself.

Pray for…

  • Safety, salvation, comfort and permanence for foster kids.
  • Judges who hear these cases every day. For wisdom to make good decisions and consider the needs of the child.
  • Social workers and lawyers overburdened by the number of cases they have. For each child to be seen and considered, and for the endurance and hope for these people on the front lines.
  • Churches in Los Angeles to hear the call and be moved to action.
  • Foster parents: their patience, long-suffering and hope as they love the unlovable and deal with the many frustrations of the system.
  • Protection for the kids who have gone AWOL, as many of them run the risk of being picked up by human traffickers and “Johns.”
  • Satan to be defeated, for a banishment from this system which he preys upon thereby creating confusion, corruption, abuse and hopelessness.

Join us this Sunday, May 29th at SaMoHi (in-between PCC’s morning services) as we pray together for foster kids in our city. We’ll meet at 10:30am at the picnic tables on the Science Quad lawn (see map here).

You can also help by volunteering with foster youth at these Hope for LA partners. For more info, contact the HFLA Team Leaders listed below.