The Impact of a Box


By members of the Pacific Crossroads Church community

This past Sunday, we kicked off Boxes of Love, an annual project where Hope for LA partners with inner-city churches and ministries to provide Thanksgiving meals to families in need. Nearly 1 in 4 kids in our city live at risk of hunger.

Boxes of Love is not a solution to hunger but it is an opportunity for a current need to be met, a Thanksgiving memory to be made, and an opportunity for a family to hear about the good news that we celebrate at Pacific Crossroads Church. And as you may have heard about on Sunday, God has done some amazing things through a simple box of food and a caring conversation.

This year, we look forward to seeing lives impacted through this very practical outreach effort. Both in the lives of families who receive these boxes and in our lives as we fill and deliver them.

These are some ways people from our own church community were impacted by being involved in Boxes of Love last year:

From Mark, a dad

This was a way we can show and teach our boys, Marcus and Max, what it means to share the love of God with others. I want to serve and give back in some small way, and hopefully bring hope to those we meet and talk with. To see the gratitude in the eyes and hearts of those we deliver boxes to brings joy to my heart, and reminds me of how much God loves me.

From Stephen, a college student

I really appreciate the concept of Boxes of Love, especially in that it epitomizes the idea of helping neighbors in our immediate community. It allowed me to see an aspect of the city that I hadn’t experienced yet, since we were literally walking up and down the neighborhood streets and sitting in strangers’ homes.

From Melissa, a nurse

Boxes of Love is my favorite service event at Pacific Crossroads. It’s a great way to start off the holiday season by reminding us all of God’s love and grace. It brings us together as a community and gives us the opportunity to serve one another.

“Bad luck” can happen to anyone at any time, and providing a meal to those in need is a very real and tangible way of loving God and His people. Not to mention that it’s also meeting a very basic human need (food) in the most loving way possible. I appreciate that the boxes aren’t just left on peoples’ doorsteps, but that there is an attempt to meet these people and provide support through prayer and by helping connect them to community resources.

This coming Sunday, November 8, you can pick up empty boxes and shopping lists at the Boxes of Love tent at church. You’re also invited to come with us to meet families and deliver boxes at events on 11/21 or 11/22. Click here to learn more and sign up.